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    as you ask me for dogfight


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    as you ask me for dogfight Empty as you ask me for dogfight

    Post by JoeHeinZ on Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:01 pm

    as you ask me for dogfight, here my own rules i learned:

    Rules of engagement in Airplane:

    1.C is the button I press most! Write it down manually 100 times before you read P2!

    -----------------You didnt!!!-------------------

    2.height is energy. dont be fraghungry and try to save time by not getting height back.
    2.Main Priority on the plane. Who is dangerous to you is your enemy. Fragging Tanks is 2nd.
    3.Put bail to F
    4.Roll on E and Q
    5.Trying to land and stall planes in singleplayer.
    6.Fly through the bridge of market garden.


    7. stop obeying this rules, knowing you are wrong but kewl anyway.

    Very good, but diffucult to fly, likes to stall and drift easy.
    Use your Rudder wiseley!

    Easiest to fly, absolute beginner plane, overall very good!

    Spitfire: its ok. nothing very good, but easy to fly.

    BF109: most difficult one to fly in terms of getting performance. bad turning circle, good climb and dive qualities. See rule P2

    Mustang: Turns like a bitch, nothing else bad in any way.

    SBD: great gun. easy to shoot down nmy planes. performance good against weaker pilots in df. Very good at kills from frontal area. Bombing effective.
    Alchi: as above, but not as fast, gun not as good.

    Russian planes: steal plane from other nation. bombers good against tanks, bombs only 1m from each other.


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    as you ask me for dogfight Empty Re: as you ask me for dogfight

    Post by ABAS on Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:52 am

    C is the main key for camera change but that is the common key , better to set f9 to f12 key to Q F Alt Capslock this helps much better

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    as you ask me for dogfight Empty Re: as you ask me for dogfight

    Post by Mamba on Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:56 am

    Hi Joe, thanks for signing up on the forums!

    We are desperately looking for pilots. It is refreshing to see you join us and very appreciated.

    Stick around the forums and we will give you clan area access. This access will be important for you in order to know when we have clan wars and practices.


    Mamba, Co-Leader

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    as you ask me for dogfight Empty Re: as you ask me for dogfight

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