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    Raised Fist Mod Beta v0.5

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    {SoH} -=Diamondback=-

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    Raised Fist Mod Beta v0.5 Empty Raised Fist Mod Beta v0.5

    Post by {SoH} -=Diamondback=- on Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:08 pm

    It is with great pleasure that I announce the first beta release of my infantry conversion mod "Raised Fist". After countless hours of mapping, modding and coding and a lot of blood sweat and tears (I had to remove a lot of content and maps I was unsatisfied with), I am releasing the Beta phase of the mod which has three infantry oriented maps.

    I had to cut down one map which was so heavy on static objects (over 1300 manually placed statics!) because this map caused tremendous FPS drop when I tested it. It will be re-released in a future version of the mod with a reduced number of static objects (about 1000 or less).

    Why such a small amount of maps you say? Well, the Beta phase of Raised Fist took me weeks to complete and I spent most of the time creating one map, RF_Castle.rfa, which I think most of you will enjoy. It is a medieval map with many custom meshes which I found on the Internet and converted to BF1942. It has circa 650 hand placed statics including a hidden labyrinth underneath a small castle.

    Below is the full list of features:

    - Changed official mod name from "battleinf_42" to "raised_fist"
    - Disabled proning
    - Disabled zooming for all weapons except the sniper
    - Created RF_Castle.rfa, RF_Canyon.rfa and Labyrinth_Pro.rfa, three new infantry focused maps which support various game modes, from ObjectiveMode to CTF
    - The original layout of the "Labyrinth_Pro" map was made by the modder "Smig". It was updated and fixed by me
    - All maps are fully lightmapped (static objects + terrain)
    - New "walk over" health packs, which give the soldier circa 25% health increments
    - Disabled the medic's health pack
    - All hand weapons have been given a 20% accuracy increase due to disabled zooming
    - All kits have 1 grenade included
    - No ammo boxes, you reload your weapon by picking up the enemy's
    - New loading screens + thumbnail pictures for all maps
    - Soldier kits have been replaced by various assault weapons (most notably the BrenLMG from XPack2, the Breda from XPack1, and the Stengun from XPack1)
    - Ported Gewehr43 automatic sniper rifle from XPack2
    - Ported the throwable "CommandoKnife" from XPack2
    - Dozens of new custom objects, meshes, and textures ported into Battlefield 1942 (no objects have been stolen from other mods, ignoring official releases such as Xpacks)
    - Ported the ObjectiveMode GPM from XPack2 into Raised Fist. It is present in two maps, Labyrinth_Pro and RF_Castle
    - New "flagpole" object for CTF
    - Ported Cassino + Telemark skymeshes with corresponding textures to maps RF_Castle and RF_Canyon respectively
    - Ported the revamped cloud system found by Apache Thunder in map Labyrinth_Pro

    Below I will give a brief description of each map as well as a few pictures.

    1) RF_Castle.rfa

    Here you can see the labyrinth portion of the map. It is only accessible in ObjectiveMode. Basically, the Red team, or Axis team, spawns in the labyrinth and around the castle shown on the last picture (with the trees and fence). Their ultimate goal is to prevent the Allied team, or Blue team, from entering the labyrinth and destroying the "Objective", which in this case is a safe.

    The Blue team has 10 minutes tops to infiltrate the labyrinth (they do so by blowing up a concrete block which blocks the entrance to the labyrinth) and destroy the safe. The Blue team (and only the Blue team) is provided with a special demolition kit in their base (4 expacks) to accomplish their goal.

    The map has been converted in three game modes. These are TDM, CTF and ObjectiveMode. The TDM mode has walk over health packs which players can use to heal, as well as special sniper kits.

    A good map for 20 or more people.

    2) RF_Canyon

    The maps has been converted in TDM and CTF. As with the RF_Castle map, the TDM mode has walk over health packs hidden all over the place as well as special sniper kits on the cliffs.

    This map is ideal for 8v8 scrims or even small 5v5 matches.

    3) Labyrinth_Pro

    This map has been converted into TDM and a special ObjectiveMode which has been optimized for matches. Basically what I mean by this is it is an advanced version of the ObjectiveMode you would find in, say, RF_Castle.rfa.
    Players spawn only once at the beginning of the round and have three minutes to destroy the labyrinth doors, infiltrate the middle area and destroy the safe.

    The fun of this map though really lies into the TDM version of it. You can expect to encounter an enemy at every corner in this infernal maze! Ideal for matches of 10 to 20 people. No walk over health packs in the TDM version of this map for now.

    So here it is! I hope you guys enjoy playing the mod as much as I did making it. Remember though this is a Beta and I'm not even close to releasing a full version of the mod yet, as I have about 5 more maps to work on and many more features that I want to implement in the game before I can do so.

    If any of you would like to give me a hand with the mapping process, please do. Two brains or more are better than one and the mod will update much faster.

    Please use this thread to report any bugs you may have with the mod as this will help me eliminate them for the next release.

    Here is the link for Raised Fist v0.5 Beta: download/q0j9qoq9n1f8m7p/

    To install, simply extract to your "Mods" folder, located by default @ C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods (Win 7 and up) or C:\Program Files \EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods (Win XP)

    There are currently no servers running this mod but if someone wants to throw up a beta testing day, you are more than welcomed to.

    I would also like to give an extra thanks to Apache Thunder who helped me import the correct castle meshes which you see in the map RF_Castle into Battlefield 1942.
    {SoH} -=Diamondback=-
    {SoH} -=Diamondback=-

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    Raised Fist Mod Beta v0.5 Empty Re: Raised Fist Mod Beta v0.5

    Post by {SoH} -=Diamondback=- on Sat Feb 27, 2016 2:20 pm

    I'm thinking of throwing up a fun night on this mod if any of you are interested!

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    Raised Fist Mod Beta v0.5 Empty Re: Raised Fist Mod Beta v0.5

    Post by DriFt on Tue May 31, 2016 12:48 pm

    i try to play with seluxe... but i dont have the map : assault on crete ? do you know where i can find it ?

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    Raised Fist Mod Beta v0.5 Empty Re: Raised Fist Mod Beta v0.5

    Post by Seluxe on Tue May 31, 2016 1:08 pm

    You can download it here Find the mods folder from game and place it in levels.

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    Raised Fist Mod Beta v0.5 Empty Re: Raised Fist Mod Beta v0.5

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