Soldiers of Honor is a gaming clan for the first-person shooter Battlefield 1942.

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    {SoH} -=Diamondback=-

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    Post by {SoH} -=Diamondback=- on Fri Feb 13, 2015 10:36 am

    Soldiers of Honor is an international team of gamers dedicated to EA Games and Dice's WWII hit FPS Battlefield 1942.

    The clan was founded by -=Diamondback=- and Yatzee Moss in 2015.

    We are a competitive clan and enjoy having multiple scrims versus other clans every week. We mostly gather for clan wars and clan meetings on weekends.

    We have our own clan server and TS, which we use for clan meetings, practices and scrims with other clans.
    {SoH} Soldiers of Honor B_560_95_1
    {SoH} Soldiers of Honor B_560_95_1

    We are currently recruiting. We are looking for mature (18+), active and dedicated members with good to excellent knowledge of the stock BF1942 maps.

    Clan war experience is a plus but not mandatory to join the clan, however every member wishing to join the clan MUST have GSC (GameTracker messaging program) as well as Team Speak 3 (TS3). These programs are vital for members to meet up prior to clan meetings or scrims versus other clans.

    If you are interested in joining, you can start by signing up on the clan forums and we will walk you through the process of joining the clan. {SoH} clan members usually play on a bunch of different servers such as Moongamers (CD/Origin), HKHP El Alamein (CD&ORIGIN), and SiMPLE | BF1942 [FRA], on top of our own clan server, which is mostly used for clan related business.

    The recruitment process is handled by Yatzee Moss, the clan leader, as well as -=Diamondback=-, the co-leader. If you have any questions regarding {SoH}, you can send them a private message and they will reply to you promptly.

    See you on the battlefield!

    *Note: Soldiers of Honor has a new league project on the table. It would be a small, 5v5 Conquest league for the remaining North American gaming clans. A few clans so far (about 4) have shown interest and we hope to start the league when about 6 clans show interest in the competitive league. The league project is an original idea by Yatzee Moss, the clan's leader.

    {SoH} -=Diamondback=-
    Clan Co-Leader and Forum Admin

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    {SoH} Yatzee Moss
    {SoH} Yatzee Moss

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    Post by {SoH} Yatzee Moss on Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:26 am

    Thanks for mentioning the North American League.

    It is a project created to bring all remaining clans together, and to interest the BF1942 community friendly matches while being competitive at the same time.

    The North American League clan matches are designed and meant to have a good time with friends. We will be more flexible to the teams that join, and will apply the 50/50 rule if the teams decide. Meaning if the teams competing want to play 1 map in their server that's based in Europe, and the other team wants to play another map in USA then that's acceptable.

    Flexible in regards to ping, any clan is welcome to play. The idea of this North American League is to have fun first of all, while still maintaining the competiveness, and bringing spark again in the BF1942 community.

    A more detailed Section will soon be posted, and matches will soon be scheduled.

    This is a idea I created but want to still thank DiamondBack and {SoH} Team for the support as well as fellow clans competing in NAL (The North American League).

    -{SoH} Yatzee Moss
      Clan Leader

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